What does the newspaper mean to us?

I’ve been in the newspaper business over 30 years. I’m passionate and proud of our products. Many people have asked, “Jane, why newspaper?”

As a child, the newspaper was delivered daily to our home. My mother would read it to us children after lunch. This was back in the days of only three TV channels and nothing we want to watch was ever on except for Saturday morning.

The daily newspaper readings were full of stories about local people, national events, politics, who had babies and weddings and who had passed. I decided I wanted to be a part of a product that gathered local news, state news and national news, reviewed all of it and determined what people in my little part of the world might be interested in and then not only printed it daily but delivered it to homes. Even in today’s day and age, that’s still a pretty impressive feat.

I’ve seen a five line garage sale ad in the newspaper totally shut down a city street. I witnessed a visitation line that streamed out the door the day after my father’s obituary ran in the newspaper.

We are a community. We share each other’s struggles and the joys of our friends and neighbors. The newspaper in every town is a reflection of that community. It’s the driving force behind holding our local politicians accountable and debating the latest tax issue before voters.

Give me a newspaper in any market and within a few minutes, I can tell you about the community’s crime rate, its unemployment rate, its cost of living and what it values. Local business is the heart of any community supporting its T ball teams and charitable endeavors, but the local newspaper is the lifeblood that brings the community together.